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Friday, 21 April 2017


I don’t even know how to describe her eyes
When she looks at me when I arrive at 6.30 pm
Sometimes Njeri says a word or two
Sometimes she’s just as quiet, like she’s absent
I know she’s counting days when she’ll say,

She ran down the business I had started for her
I did it for my undying affection for her
And she sunk it, thousands of shillings down the drain
Surprisingly, without any guilt or remorse
Tell me, doesn’t she have the capability to finish me?

The first thing she asks in the evening is money
The money I have toiled for in the baking sun
And if I beat the curfew, which I often do
She kisses me like she’s afraid of being seen
Like we are two teenagers hiding
And then she cooks that tasteless food of hers
I wonder where my money goes

At night she turns her back on me
She’s ever tired, and with a headache
I haven’t inquired if she’s cheating around
Though I am too scared to suspect she’s cheating
But I have heard of a young man
I know even the government introduced free education
And it’s illegal to deny a young man education as my Njeri does

I dread being doused with hot water
I dread being openly stripped of my dignity
As a respectable member of the society

And as a loving husband to Njeri


What is it with love
That men can’t control falling
Trusting a devil’s calling
And they hurt their damn brows

What is it with loving a woman
That a man gives up everything
For the beckon of her single pleasure
Even when it’s disguised in ruins

What’s with a woman’s adoration
That men fail to think straight
How they stand by the gate
Of happiness and eternity

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


I haven’t stopped thinking about you
Why is it a little special? Because-
Because you may never know
And I am not proud of this secret

It nags my mind, constricts my veins
Knowing too well that you could be
The one coursing through to my heart
And transporting oxygen to my brain

How would I even bribe my self
To bring me into telling you how I feel
That you are the most awesome human being
And that my life would be lit by your smile

Sometimes I wish it were as easy
As walking a supermarket and picking stuff
Then I’d pick words and walk to the cashier
And the words would be ‘I want every piece of you’

But then I am here, missing what I don’t know
Figuring how it would with you snoring beside me
Knowing you’d be there for the longest time

And life, in its shambles, is complete, in its own way

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Quiet World

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In an effort to get people to look 
into each other’s eyes more, 
and also to appease the mutes, 
the government has decided 
to allot each person exactly one hundred   
and sixty-seven words, per day. 

When the phone rings, I put it to my ear   
without saying hello. In the restaurant   
I point at chicken noodle soup. 
I am adjusting well to the new way. 

Late at night, I call my long distance lover,   
proudly say I only used fifty-nine today.   
I saved the rest for you. 

When she doesn’t respond, 
I know she’s used up all her words,   
so I slowly whisper I love you 
thirty-two and a third times. 
After that, we just sit on the line   
and listen to each other breathe.

Sunday, 12 March 2017


The world looks                                                                                                                                          beautiful from below
Cloudless starry nights such a delight
Which we can watch and talk about dreams
And what holds our ambitions tight

Partly, mine is to rise to the zenith
Dine with the movers and shakers
But it will take time to get there
Rise with you, and probably meet the makers

But how long will you stick by me
How long will my ambitions hold you?
Before you bolt for the proverbial greener pastures
How long will you find my love true?

As long as my ambitions hold you
We could starve and you might like it
We walk not because its healthy, we have to

For at the end there’ll be something sweet

Saturday, 11 March 2017


There’s too much to worry
And a lot to be sorry
Hand me a bottle of patience please

Let the bottle top escape with a pop
More like an amen to damned hope
Let’s toast to a glass of patience please

I am gonna stagger home tonight
Drunk AF, every shitty thing is a delight

What potent drink did I consume? Patience please

Thursday, 2 March 2017


She sounded cold; detached and distant
Between odd stars and light transfixed
Ponders I, with a tinge of care and regret
For in today’s world heroes are few
And I am many

She sounded cold and aloof, unemotional
Like someone was prodding her breasts
Her mind unwilling, her body yielding
And she struggles to balance the battles
Without betraying the background in her voice

I fumbled for words through the call
Unsure what to say to her troubled brittle soul
Seemingly beckoning sympathy
I struggled but my coldness wouldn’t allow me
I accepted long ago, I am no hero

She hangs up almost too quickly without byes
Just the way I wanted it, the way I always loved
It fills the space and time between us
I am accorded precious time to indulged in vanities

And write letters to ghosts that have stopped visiting 

Monday, 13 February 2017


Lately her words seem to point at affluence
Like how she just moved to a bigger house
A house she can’t afford since she’s jobless
Her survival isn’t just a mere fable but scientific

Lately she’s taken to taking mirror selfies
Ass first, ass the point of focus, she loves life
The many hashtags belie her peasant upbringing
A huge makeover, a sudden metamorphosis

There’s so much happiness in that sneering voice
Castigating my hustle, demeaning the man I am
The brain sometimes fails in outwitting the heart
And it works overtime to stay intact instead of leaving

Valentine ’s Day is steadily approaching
She’s hinting at nothing less than a Bomas Inn night out
Previously we would stay indoors and drink mursik
Lately she wants none of that, just champagne

Lately she’s hinted at her being miserable
At a place where it had become home
Out of the blues, Kipruto’s rickety car looks so beautiful

Even when we loved trekking, talking all the way

Monday, 30 January 2017


Do you, in the stillness of the night, wonder
And crave a text or even a call from me
Do you wander to far off lands in daydreams?
With me in tow, plucking flower with abandon

Do you crave a moment of reckless abandon
Unhinged and without regrets at dawn
When you wake up beside me, entangled
Do you crave that smile that you’ll wake up to?

Do you crave that I crave you
Do you think about me in moments of solitude
Like I do often, like every time I breathe
Do you crave a poem, written for you?

Yes, I crave you in the stillness of the night
Indeed I see you often in my day dreams
I crave your touch and you lingering smile
And most of all I want you to crave me

Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Should I get rich, and I feel it’s imminent
I will buy all the things I don’t need
So that others can also buy what they don’t need
Mind you, I will carry myself like a dignitary

When times of spending on a budget are over
I will traverse all the golf courses in the country
And overly indulge my soul in the boring game
Just because the rich can afford the swing

I will track down Vera Sidika, for heaven’s sake
Everybody thinks she has a million dollar vagina
I will make an attempt at it, not to hit it
But to turn over screenshots to desperate bloggers

Should get rich, and I feel it’s imminent
Judging from my unbridled love for sleep
I will vie for an elective post and steal form Kenyans
How they love people who steal from them

Should I get rich, just for fun and pleasure
I shall erect a giant middle finger statue
Next to my ex’s home, their front yard

To remind her of the zero fucks I give 

Friday, 20 January 2017


Barely home from a night of bingeing
Hardly asleep yet someone’s knocking
With fury and intent of breaking it down
“Open the damn door you useless clown!!”

My mind is in disarray, fumble with the blankets
Look for clothes to wear among the water buckets
The intruder is quite now, he’s heard the noise
He can break the door, but he’s reserved that choice

As I struggle to adjust my pupils to bright light
With bloodshot eyes betraying my nocturnal delight
He pulls me by the collar of my shirt, furious
Like a short changed drug dealer, dead serious

“Son of nobody with brimstone down your loins
How dare you lure my daughter with coins
And cooled your burning down the coveted stream
Now it’s dry, with nothing to hold to, without a dream”

In tow is his daughter cowing with fright,
We’ve met before, in fact spent many a night
The inevitable had finally happened
Thought I ‘A rough ride here, seat belts must be fastened’
“Isn’t he the one?”  he turns to her once pretty daughter
I cursed her, she couldn’t tell me she was sired by a monster
Chit, my whip would have cowed with fright
May be I would enjoying the sleep I forewent last night

“You leave me no choice but to pronounce you
A husband and wife, find a way to get through
You can have her for the rest of your life

Should she set foot in my home, your neck will stop a knife”

Friday, 13 January 2017


When you go to Ravine, dear reader
Or pass by the place
Please find my love Cheptoo, and tell her these
If she doesn’t a phone, that is,

Oh you are asking how you fill find her?
They live in a mud walled house before the stream
Or ask a renowned drunkard in the area
They’ll lead to her father, there you’ll find her

Now that you know where to find her
Please tell her I’ve bought a new transistor radio
And two bi speakers, 
So that she can tune in to her favourite station
Also, my small brother finished school
And left me his mattress, its more comfortable now
Tell her she won’t complain of back pains when she visits

Tell her, this is important, that my uncle promised me a job
Not a fancy one, but in the great city of Nairobi
I will a security guard, with my own uniform
Tell her I will come for her and take her with me
So that she can know what it means to miss mursik
And eat thin transparent chapati by the road side

Please don’t get jealous, please deliver this message
She’s is my light during the day and even the night
Tell her I think of her like Kiprono thinks of gold medal
Tell her I dream of her like Raila dreams of presidency
Tell her I will cling to her like Mugabe to presidency
Tell her I miss her and she must visit me soonest
Or else I find someone else, like I have done sometimes

Tell her none have been comparable to her, of course

Monday, 9 January 2017


When the world’s misery usurps my mind
And if a glance around me, walls I find
I promise I will rush the liquor store
And buy brandy just as I’ve done before

Should my love ever doubt my undying love
Even when it seems it just descended from above
Then, without a second thought, I shall buy brandy
For stupor shall make my dejection handy

Should I ever achiever the biggest milestone
After numerous forays into the hours of dawn
I shall have no choice but to pop brandy
And make merry as a kid would to candy

In times of happiness and unimaginable sorrow
Of uncertainties and nothing to hope for
Each of those moments I’ll take a sip

Of my beloved brandy, it guarantees a peaceful sleep

Monday, 2 January 2017


Tell Jepleting to stop seeing that bastard
He is not worthy to make me a granddad
Tell her about women who drive cars
Tell Jepleting about women who are the stars
And rule the night with an iron fist
Tell her slowly, this I insist
What do they discuss with a chang’aa addict
A class seven dropout and a failed athlete
Lalang’ told me how she’s smiles with him
When he told her he wanted to take her downstream
What do they discuss if not about babies I’ll raise?
Tell her clearly, let her senses arise
And that bastard too, Jepleting might be stubborn
Tell him I’ll come for his balls at dawn
Before he deposits filthy things in my daughter
Tell him to look for daughters of chang’aa addicts thereafter
Tell that bastard I’ll gorge his eyes out
Tell him when he’s sober, at dawn before he’s out and about


Fair maid posed, utaweza?
Complexing a simplicity.....

Got I feeling....

Like am about to take off to the moon unaided
Like am trying to dispute the law of gravity

Like am about to find the cure for ebola
Or better yet raise the dead from their graves

Like am about to come up with a mathematical formaulae
to explain how people fall in love

Like am trying to break down the Da Vinci code
Like am just about to think of inventing a new planet within earth

Like am harbouring intentions of hitting on Malia and Sasha
Or pee on the gates of White House

Keep calm and let me manufucture heaven right here
Am no God but For YOU imma be one


I think about you to a point I don't miss you 
Yours is one of the very few precious memories 
My little gem that defines my worth 
You take me places, most of which I rarely know 
Save for the want to be where you take me 
-it's exactly where I want to be 
Where the stars cease shining, dimmed by your smile 
Where the oceans touch 
And that's where I find the most of peace
Manage somehow a sleep of peace
You are my muse, dearie
Am glad you are 

Friday, 23 September 2016


As a solitary life beckons its blissful sorrows
The unwinding charts between hatred and love
And looking forward to such empty tomorrows
The dread of reckoning the contents of fate above
With pungent and repulsive thoughts I have
Yet with hope of finding and falling for someone
To whom fate has designed for me to crave
In every of the seconds of day and of night, every turn

To long that she longs as I that I am her man


When Hussein’s advances usurps my throne
And one chilly dawn
When married men haven’t the morning glory
And you find thus that we be just a story
Don’t leave in silence my love.

Shout at the top of your voice
So that the neighbor know you had no choice
But to leave me and my crooked penis
Shout that everything in my house is amiss
Shout but don’t kill me with your silence

Don’t leave without telling me why
For I will be tempted to look around and beseech the sky
Don’t make me search that which exists no more
Don’t leave without letting me know
Just don’t leave with silence

Tell me everything that bothers you
Before you finally start anew
I might have a chance to defend my love
Or find it fit to leave for the one above

Leave, but not in silence 

Monday, 12 September 2016


He could trace despair in the gleam of her face
Her voice gave much away
How she reaped pain where she sowed to gain
Yet, she’ll say she is okay

She sits silently alone, trying to undo the known
Her sweet smile a rainbow
Amid tears she thought wouldn’t fall in years
It should have snapped-cupid’s arrow

It takes vigor and courage to walk off the stage
A story scripted to match seven heavens
The inadequacy of verses; garden filled with roses

How so! When earth is filled with heathens

Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Future Of The Past

And it’s not now,
Neither could it be yesterday
Its somewhere

Between tomorrow and infinity